Our Team

Allstar Team

  • Mike Centola

    President / CEO

    Mike Centola, current President and CEO, has been in the firearms industry for over 10 years. In addition to founding Allstar Tactical, Mike has owned several successful business ventures and has been involved in business for nearly 20 years. Additionally, he has worked for several fortune 500 companies in the Information Technology and Engineering fields.

    Mike has two Bachelors of Science degrees in Computer Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master’s degree in Information Technology, all from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Because this was not enough, Mike also obtained an Associate’s degree in Precision Machining from Monroe Community College.

    Mike is an NRA certified instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer, as well as technical consultant to several other firearms manufacturing and training companies. He spends a great deal of time at his local range, helping the community with firearms safety and knowledge of the AR-15 weapons platform. He has also developed some training curriculums for Firearms Safety, Concealed Carry, and Weapons Platform Armoring.

    In addition to overseeing Allstar Tactical, Mike is an adjunct Professor at Monroe Community College where he teaches Technical Graphics, Solidworks and Advanced Solidworks in the Mechanical Engineering Technologies department. In what little downtime he has, he enjoys time with his family, motorcycles, cars and general geeking out with computers and electronics.

    Favorite Caliber: .50BMG
    Firearms Tidbit: This is my rifle... this is my gun... this one's for fighting... this one's for fun.
  • Erica Centola

    Erica Centola

    Executive VP

    Erica Centola has a background in biology, with a Bachelor's degree from Russel Sage college. She had grown up around firearms throughout her childhood, and recently took a greater interest after having a chance to shoot some of our AR15 rifles. She decided that she would help the company out by meeting with customers and maintaining the retail side of Allstar Tactical. In 2010, she officially assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, as we decided to move Allstar Tactical into the role of firearms manufacturing. She now helps to keep the day-to-day operations of the company going strong as we grow.

    Erica has been through several firearms training classes in handgun combatives, carbine combatives, as well as she is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer. She enjoys helping other women shooters enjoy the sport and find good defensive firearms training.

    Favorite Caliber: .223 / 5.56
    Firearms Tidbit: I make money moves.
  • Nick Centola

    Nick Centola

    Chief Financial Officer

    Nick is the chief financial officer for Allstar Tactical. After receiving advanced degrees from Georgetown University, Nick spent almost 9 years at the National Security Agency. He subsequently served as the Director of Security and facilities at Syracuse Research Corporation where he managed classified defense holdings. He was also employed by GE Syracuse as a consultant and GE Utica. Nick became a small business owner in the late 80's when he owned and operated four franchise locations. As CFO, Nick provides financial advice and guidance in all aspects of Allstar Tactical.

    He currently resides in Florida and is affiliated with the St Lucie County Sheriff's Association as a citizen patrol officer and parking enforcement officer.

    Favorite Caliber: 80mm
    Firearms Tidbit: Speak softly and carry a big gun.
  • Mark5

    Mark Verhay (Mark 5)

    Director of Operations

    As the son of a MCSO Swat Team Officer, Mark fired his first A/R at the age of 8, this led to a lifelong passion for the shooting sports. Marks background is in all aspects of private security and investigations. He managed the S/W Florida district of a large multi-national security company before opening his own successful security and investigative agency. He holds numerous state licenses including security manager, private investigator and armed security.
    Mark specializes in new and inexperienced shooters. His patience, understanding and no-nonsense approach allows less knowledgeable persons to relax and enjoy the experience of owning a first firearm.

    An accomplished author, marks works have been featured in publications by Larry Flynt and Bob Guccione. Mark spends his free time working at Allstar Tactical and instructing his children J5 and T5 in the correct and safe use of firearms. (AKA proper gunslinging).

    Marks goal is to continue making Allstar Tactical, The Best Store Ever!!!

    Favorite Caliber: 9MM
    Firearms Tidbit: You can leave the house with a gun or an attitude. Never both.
  • Derrick

    Derrick Bartek

    Assistant Retail Manager

    Born and raised in Western New York, at the age of fourteen his mother signed him out of school to go shoot his first AR. Immediately after graduation from Akron Central School in 2007 he joined the United States Marine Corps. After completion of Boot Camp And School Of Infantry training he was attached to 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Echo Company Weapons Platoon as a 0331 (Machine Gunner) from 2008-2012. His passions include traveling and the Rhodesian Bush War.

    Favorite Caliber: .308
    Firearms Tidbit: Sure you did
  • Mike Leone

    Mike Leone

    Gunsmith Manager

    Mike starting shooting at age 5 with his dad and uncle. By 7 or 8, he started taking apart and fixing anything mechanical he could get his hands on. At age 12 he began employment. He spent 14 years at Xerox, 18 years in sales, and has been self-employed for the past 12 years owning his own paint and home improvement businesses.

    Mike is a lifetime member of Front Sight, one of the largest firearms schools in the U.S. He is also an NRA certified rifle and pistol instructor. He is enthusiastic about bringing his passion for firearms and his precise attention to detail to gunsmithing at AllStar Tactical.

    Mike has three grown children; his daughter and son are currently active duty in the Navy Corps, and his oldest son served in the Marine Corps and is now a police officer for the V.A. Mike enjoys his free time with his motorcycle club, his family and friends, and his dogs.

    Favorite Caliber: 9MM
    Firearms Tidbit:
  • Jake Scheuch

    Jake Scheuch

    Retail Sales Agent / LE Sales / Custom AR Guru

    Jake, has been around firearms his entire life and really developed a passion for them about 2 years ago. His main areas of interest are in AR pattern rifles, Bolt guns, and military surplus. He also has a degree from Canisius College in Athletic Training / Sports medicine.

    Favorite Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
    Firearms Tidbit: HELL YEAH BROTHER
  • Greg Heerkens

    Greg Heerkens


    Unlike many of his colleagues, Greg did not grow up around firearms. Living in a gun-free household until the age of 18, he bought his first gun days after being legally able to do so. To make up for lost time, he has been actively collecting ever since, collecting guns as old as 120 years old to as new as an AR he built himself.

    His passion is the history and mechanics of firearms, from wheellocks to the very latest designs. He is also a novice woodworker, eventually hoping to make custom stocks.

    Favorite Caliber: 7.5x55 Swiss
    Firearms Tidbit: Seven six two millimeter... full metal jacket
  • Jeff Scheuch

    Jeff Scheuch

    Gusmithing / Shop Projects

    Jeff, a native of the Rochester area, has grown-up around firearms all his life. At the age of 10, he got his first gun to go hunting with his father. At around 14 years old, he started disassembling firearms to see the inner workings and functions. To this day, Jeff is still tinkering away. He tries to get out once a week to shoot and train in defensive tactics with his son, Jake, who also works at Allstar Tactical.

    Jeff holds his 03 FFL and collects military surplus firearms and weapons.

    His favorite platform is the AR. He enjoys troubleshooting problems and high-end custom builds. We’ve heard his son, Jake trying to influence him into bolt guns and precision shooting.

    Favorite Caliber: .30-06
    Firearms Tidbit: The pistol is used to get to the long gun.


  • Jose

    Jose Rodriguez

    Cerakote / Holster Specialist / BSH Gun Works

    Jose Rodriguez is the owner of BSH Gun Works. He is a certified Cerakote applicator, kydex holster maker, and proficient laser engraver. He is also Police Officer with the Rochester Police Department where he is a member of the SWAT team and Tactical Unit. In his spare time, Jose enjoys riding his motorcycle, training, and relaxing.

    Favorite Caliber: .223 / 5.56
    Firearms Tidbit: Carry what you can carry and use properly every single time. Your life will depend on it.
  • Mike Anne

    Mike Anne

    Impact / Edge Weapons Consultant & Outside Sales

    Mike Anne is the owner of X-8 Tactical Limited as well as works in Law Enforcement. Mike has extensive knowledge in edged weapons as well as impact weapons and helps Allstar Tactical apply these principles to many of it's designs.

    Favorite Caliber: .45ACP
    Firearms Tidbit: I'm in love with a good 1911. I believe in old school but I do like a good Glock 21 once in a while.
  • Christina Sheeler

    Christina Sheeler

    Sponsored Shooter / Product Model

    Avid female shooter who was raised by a Marine. Shot her first gun before she was potty trained and never looked back. She has received her CCW as well as a few handgun courses. Christina loves to teach other females to be confident in shooting, as well as teaching them safety and knowledge along the way. She is working on her competitive shooting skills as well as acting as a brand ambassador for the firearms industry.

    Favorite Caliber: 9mm
    Firearms Tidbit: Be humble and learn from anyone with experience.