Gunsmithing Services

This is only a price guide some firearms may require higher charges than the ones listed on this page. Conditions that may lead to this are dirty or rusted metal, already disassembled firearms, or particularly difficult firearms to work on. Any charge over these prices will be discussed with the customer before work is completed. These prices are labor only and do not include parts that may be required for the service. All costs will be quoted to customers before any work is completed.

All firearms will incur a minimum of one half hour of labor.


We can install any type of accessory on your AR-15 rifle. Rail systems, gas blocks, re-barreling, and even complete upper assembly is no problem for our experienced gunsmiths. We stock many of the accessories in our shop or we can even install it if you already have the parts. We are extremely careful when handling customer firearms, so trust in us with your pride and joy.

Our prices are very reasonable, but depend on the status of your rifle, and the accessory you would like installed. Contact us today to get a quote for your installation needs today!

General Services
  • General Labor Rate - $80 / hr (Billed in 1/2hr increments)
    • Any service not covered specifically by one of our other services.
  • Machine Time - $100 / hr
    • Any services requiring the use of our CNC machines, Lathes or mills.
  • Full Cleaning / Inspection - Starting at $80
    • Disassembly of the firearm, full cleaning using our ultrasonic cleaners, and reassembly. Function testing and inspection of parts are done throughout the cleaning.
  • Optics Mounting / Bore Sight - $50
    • Professional Gunsmith mounting of Optic in customer-provided or gunsmith-sourced rings and/or base. Includes bore-sighting with laser or collimator device. ** Does not include Drill/Tap or lapping of rings.
  • Bore Sight Optics $25
    • Bore-sighting with laser or collimator device.
  • Drill/Tap For Scope Mounts - $150
    • Drill/Tap receiver for standard-sized scope base mounts. Scope base must be provided or ordered through the shop.
  • Zero Rifle / Pattern Shotgun - $200
    • Zero rifle at customer requested distance or pattern shotgun up to 200 yards. Ammunition not included and must be provided or purchased.
  • Appraisal of Firearm Value - $50 (Up to 5 guns, $10 ea additional)
    • Written and signed official appraisal of firearm value
  • Headspace Check - $35)
    • Check headspacing of barrel chamber. May need leadtime on obscure calibers
  • Cast Chamber - $150
    • Precise casting of chamber with Cerrosafe to determine chambering and caliber of firearm.
  • Barrel Obstruction Removal - $80 starting
    • Remove barrel obstruction such as stuck case, live round or other obstruction.
  • Magazine Blocking - $12 / mag
    • Block magazines to 5 or 10 rounds

Handgun / Pistol Services
  • Sight Installation - $50 ($35 if sights purchased through store)
    • Installation of replacement handgun sights
  • Optic Installation - $30
    • Installation of Red Dot Sight onto optic-ready slide. Includes adjustment of dot to front sight.
  • Grip Tape Installation - $25
    • Install Talon Grip or similar grip tape
  • Slide Assembly / Upgrades - Hourly Rate
    • Install firing pins, recoil springs, etc
  • Frame Assembly / Upgrades - Hourly Rate
    • Install trigger upgrades, magazine releases, sears, etc

AR15/AR10 Services
  • Pin/Weld Muzzle Brake - $65
    • Permanently attach your choice of muzzle brake to the barrel to bring the overall length up to 16 inches or for AWB compliance. This price is the pinning and welding service only and does not include the price of threading or the muzzle device. Weld is a high quality TIG weld at the 6 o'clock position and done so precise so as to not affect the metallurgy of the barrel. The weld is cleaned up and reblued to a nearly invisible appearance.
  • Bayonet Lug Removal - $40
    • Removal of bayonet lug from standard F-market front sight bases. The entire bayonet attachment point is removed and cleaned. It is re-blued at the customer's request.
  • Pin Adjustable Stock - $40
    • Pinning of any telescoping, 6-position, stock. We can pin standard M4, Tapco, Magpul, VLTOR, and more. It can be pinned at a location of the customer's choice.
  • Front Sight Base (FSB) Install - $125
    • Install customer-supplied Front Sight Base, and pin in place with proper taper pins.
  • Front Sight Base Removal - $100
    • Removal of Front Sight Base from barrel
  • Standard Barrel Threading - $150
    • This service covers the turning, threading and re-crowining for any barrel not attached to an upper receiver, trunnion or action. Threads will be concentric to the bore and will maintain a class 3B fit. This service also includes cutting the barrel and shortening to a length of your choice. Does not include labor (at General Labor Rate) for disassembly and reassembly. A thread protector can be provided or muzzle brake / flash hider can be installed for an additional fee.
  • Barrel Crowning - $125
    • Service includes an 11° precision-machined crown on any individual barrel. The crown will be concentric to the bore of the barrel, polished, and deburred. This service also includes cutting the barrel and shortening to a length of your choice.
  • Lower Assembly - $60
    • Assembly of a stripped lower receiver with provided parts.
  • Upper Assembly - $80
    • Assembly of complete upper with provided parts.
  • Gas System Tuning - $50
    • Tuning of an adjustable gas block

Remington 700 Services
  • Custom Barrel Install - $350
    • Square Bolt Face & Receiver, Lap Locking Lugs, Thread Barrel, Chamber, Crown Barrel
  • Economy Barrel Install - $275
    • Install Short Chambered Barrels, Crowing including
  • R700 Bolt Handle Threading - $100
    • Thread bolt handle on standard R700 bolt to 5/16-24 to accept one of our custom oversize bolt knobs or any other manufacturer's bolt knobs
  • R700 Bolt Handle Skeltonizing - $115
    • Skeltonize R700 bolt handle for reduction in weight as well as improve the appearance of the bolt handle.
  • R700 Receiver Blueprinting - $200
    • We recut the receiver threads concentric to the bore of the barrel, square the receiver face and lug abutments, as well as square the bolt face / lugs all to the center line on the bolt raceway.
  • R700 #8-40 Scope Mounting Upgrade - $75
    • Open up the factory scope mounting holes to #8-40, which is recommended for heavy recoiling rifles or tactical applications for a stronger, more rigid, mounting.

General Precision Rifle Services
  • Glass Bed Rifle - $125 starting
    • Provide clearance in stock for barrel and action. Bed action to stock with bedding epoxy to provide 100% contact to stock.
  • Install Pillars When Bedding Rifle - $75
    • Install aluminum pillars around actions screws for enhanced strength when bedding rifle.
  • Trigger Work - General Labor Rate
    • Make adjustments to trigger to fine tune pull and smoothness.
  • Crown Barrel - $125
    • Crown barrel with 11 degree barrel crowning tool. Includes cutting of barrel to size
  • Thread Barrel - $150
    • Thread barrel to customer choice of threading. A recommendation can be made on the thread size and type to use. Does not include labor (at General Labor Rate) for disassembly and reassembly. A thread protector can be provided or muzzle brake / flash hider can be installed for an additional fee.
  • Install / Time Muzzle Brake - $75
    • Install muzzle brake without crush washer and time properly for the best fitment on rifle barrel.
  • True Action/Lap Lugs on Most Actions - $225
    • True Action to remove any imperfections in factory receiver action for a higher tolerance. Lap lugs to ensure 100% contact on rear of lugs, smoothing the action's movement.
  • Barrel Removal / Installation - $200)
    • Remove barrel / Install barrel on most receivers.
  • Thread / Chamber New Barrel - $250
    • Thread and chamber new barrel to action. Includes barrel removal and installation.
  • Extractor Cut Up - $100
    • For winchester and similar actions, cut barrel to receive extractor on older actions.
  • Install Pre-Fit Threaded / Short-Chambered Barrel - $200
    • Install threaded and short chambered barrel to action.

AWB Compliance

In certain state locations, civilians are required to abide by a similar set of laws that follow the old national Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) of 1994. These mandate that a post-ban rifle not include a bayonet lug, flash hider, threaded barrel, or collapsible stock. However, you may purchase an upper or a rifle from an out of state vendor, where these modifications may not have been performed.