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Classes We Offer

We have developed a few different original classes with the help of several of our training consultants to be able to offer some of the best options in the industry. Click on the classes below to view a description of the class and make sure to check our schedule to see if we're offering one in your area.

4-Hour Intro to CCW Course

The Allstar Tactical Intro to CCW (ICCW) Course is a 4-hour seminar on the fundamental topics of Concealed Carry. Students who take this course do not need to have any prerequisite skills prior to taking it, nor is already having a permit required.

View the Training Course Info Guide: 4-Hour Intro to CCW Course Info Guide (PDF)

2-Day Certified Armorers Course

The Allstar Tactical certified armorers course is a 2-Day Hands-On Intensive course covering the skills needed to assemble, diagnose and repair malfunctions, function test, disassembly and cleaning, and more. Our armorers course is a combination of lecture, and hands-on exercises in order to ensure every student becomes proficient. Upon completion of our course, students will be able to build and assemble, repair, and maintain the AR15/M4/M16 platform with proficiency. Graduates will receive a three-year certificate.

View the Training Course Info Guide: 2-Day Certified Armorers Course Info Guide (PDF)

1-Day Practical Carbine Operators Course

The Allstar Tactical Practical Carbine Operators Course (PCO) is a one-day hands on course on basic operation skills with a carbine rifle, specifically the AR15/M4/M16 platform. Students who take this course do not need to have any prerequisite skills prior to taking it.

View the Training Course Info Guide: 1-Day Practical Carbine Operators Course Info Guide (PDF)

"Train to Win"

At Allstar Tactical, we feel everyone should strive for knowledge of their firearm, its practical use, and even defensive tactics with regards to their personal needs. Our training division is focused on providing the Rochester, NY and surrounding areas with the absolute best in firearms and personal protection training for citizens, law enforcement, and military personnel. We offer several practical AR-15 seminars, NRA-based training, and additionally, we work with several TIER-1 training companies to host their offerings. We choose only the best for our customers, which means everything that we host, we have attended and audited.


We've aligned ourselves with some of the best in the industry. We frequently try to host classes from such Tier-1 outfits as MDTS Training, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, I.C.E. Training (home of THE Rob Pincus), and more. Train confidently with classes that we host, knowing we've done our "homework" and are bringing you only the best in firearms and personal protection training. If you have any questions about some of the trainers or companies that you are unfamiliar with, please contact us and we can chat about them. As mentioned above, we will not host someone who we have not yet had the opportunity to train with.


Our team participates in a wide variety of events as well from 3Gun competitions to local range shoots and BBQ's. Check out our schedule below for some of the events that we are sponsoring or that we will be attending!



If you have any other questions about our training offerings, , or you would like Allstar Tactical to host one of your classes, please feel free to contact us or email us directly at