Laser Engraving

Frickin' Lasers

Our laser engraving equipment gives us the ability to mark firearms with logos, badges, serial numbers, and more. Our CO2 laser engraver can engrave and cut wood, plastics and acrylics, as well as engrave on anodized metal. We can also engrave designs on bare metal, coated metals and more, using a specialty spray that allows us to engrave in a black color. Lastly we can engrave directly to glass surfaces as well as on cylindrical objects.

Simple or Complex

From simple serial numbers and identification numbers, to complex graphics, Q/R codes and more, we can do it all. We have a great in-house graphic design team that can assist you with your laser engraving project. We typically work in vector file formats like AI, EPS, and PDF, but do not worry as our team can help you prepare your logos and artwork.


We offer engraving and marking on many different firearms-related objects such as AR-15 and other types of tactical rifles, handguns, magazines, knives (Both blades and Grips), grips, components and parts, and much more. We haven't had a request to laser engrave something that we were unable to accommodate yet.


Laser engraving is extremely cost effective with engraving services starting at just $25. It is even more cost-effective when it comes to engraving large product runs. It is an extremely precise process and much better than the alternative of mechanical CNC engraving, stamping, roll-marking, or etching by chemical process.