CNUT Enhanced Castle Nut

AT CNUT Enhanced Castle Nut
AT CNUT Enhanced Castle NutAT CNUT Enhanced Castle NutAT CNUT Enhanced Castle Nut
Price: $17.95

We believe in shaking things up.

This includes traditional rifle parts that were designed fifty years ago without any updates. While your standard castle nut works fine, it's ugly and staking them is a huge pain in the ass. The TM calls for for the castle nut to be torqued down between 38 ft/lbs and 42 ft/lbs, and for staking in two places to prevent the castle nut from loosening. Many people don't bother with the staking and in most cases have no issues with the castle nut becoming loose, but if it were to come lose, it can cause the receiver extension tube to come loose. If this comes loose, the buffer retainer can be released, jamming up the action of the firearm.

Our CNUT not only looks damn good on your rifle, it has four axial threaded holes for use with set screws to lock the castle nut down into place. In our initial testing, we found it was significantly stronger than staking, however it proved to have some issues with squishing the threads on the receiver extension tube. This could cause some issues when removing the castle nut. We alleviate this by including a drill bit for you to dimple the threads slightly before putting the set screw in place. By cutting the threads down slightly instead of letting them roll over when squished, it should allow the nut to come off much easier when needed. If you want to be extra secure you can use some blue threadlocker on the set screw threads.

It is precision machined, in-house, out of 17-4PH stainless steel and heat treated to H1050. They are then black oxide coated. It will also be offered in color heat treat as well as cerakote options in the future. Proudly designed and manufactured at our Rochester, NY facility in the USA.