MFHB G2 Enhanced Buffer

Allstar Tactical MFHB
Allstar Tactical MFHBAllstar Tactical MFHB4 oz Allstar Tactical MFHBAllstar Tactical MFHBMFHB Info Card
Price: $40.00

The MFHB is a precision CNC machined buffer replacement for your AR15/AR10 rifle. Our Gen 2 MFHB builds upon our success with the MFHB by modifying the dimensions slightly to enhance the product even more. Available in 4 oz, 5 oz and 6 oz directly from us individually, or as a kit with our enhanced recoil spring. We use a specially formulated, proprietary pulverized tungsten blend to achieve the heavy weight in our 6061-T651 aluminum bodies. Our 6 oz buffer bodies are machined from 4140 high carbon steel, heat treated and black oxide coated for corrosion protection.

Through our custom shop program we can also tune this buffer to the exact weight of your needs based on special reloads, gas system length and application. No other manufacturer does that.

These buffers have been in hard use by law enforcement, competitive shooters, and hunters for years with great success. They are a great addition to any build looking to reduce recoil or slow the rate of fire on a machinegun.

Starting at just $40.

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