Unkthinkable Class - Feb 21 2015

William April
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The development of an adaptive defensive mindset and effective techniques for facing a drawn handgun when unarmed combined in a single training environment; but why?
After all, they both present threats anyone in their right mind would avoid at any cost.

Please join us to find out how these domains and skill sets add to each other, and take the next step in developing your ability to protect yourself and those you love.

How can we make ourselves safer?
Of all the answers to that question, how do we decide which are best?
For participants in this course, a systematic approach to these decisions will be under-taken in an engaging and fast-paced format over a very full day of training.

Defensive awareness is rooted in realization of risk.
Defensive preparation adds the commitment to mitigation of threats and the decision to be able to do something about it should our fears be realized.

It is the goal of the instructors to drag awareness of risk from the back of the mind to its very forefront, ensuring that an actual life-threatening scenario will not be the first time participants have honestly faced what will be necessary.

Participants in this course will be presented with some challenging truths about the world and asked to make serious and personal changes in how they prepare for that world.