FAM Giveaway Week 4 Winners!!!

Well, because we're awesome, we've picked 10 (TEN!) extra people to win something free this time. We really want to give back to the community this Firearms Appreciation Month. Congratulations to Marcell Borja for winning our Week 4 Prize Pack!! You'll be getting a War Shirt, Elite Tech T-Shirt, Water Bag, Liberty Shirt, Sticker Pack, 1oz Bottle of BeaverLube, Pilsner Glass, Black BATLTRIGGR Kit, a complete Forged Lower w/ AT Hogue Grip, and a MDTS Training Gift Certificate!!! Enjoy this sweet prize pack from us at Allstar Tactical!!!

As I said above, we've picked 10 more people to win either a Pint/Pilsner glass or a T-Shirt of their choice! Congratulations to Aaron Stenzel, Dave Confer, Ryan Belsher, Christopher Gleason, Jim Dorak, Eric Wolfe, Kyra LaRowe, stearn786 (NYFirearms.com), blueidexx (NYFirearms.com) and hexidismal (NYFirearms.com).

All of the winners must contact us at info@allstartactical.com. If you are local, please come pick up your prize, but shoot us an email anyways and let us know when you would like to come down. We still need to laser engrave some extra glassware for this.

We had nearly 140 people enter this and we used the random number generator at random.org to pick a winner. Once again, thanks to everyone who entered this and the next giveaway we do will be pretty EPIC and it will be for 5000 likes on our Facebook!