BATLTRIGGR's in Hard Chrome, Black Oxide, and Titanium Nitride
Titanium Nitride BATLTRIGGRBlack Oxide BATLTRIGGRBATLTRIGGR ComponentsHard Chrome BATLTRIGGRHard Chrome BATLTRIGGRHard Chrome BATLTRIGGRInstalled Hard Chrome BATLTRIGGRInstalled Hard Chrome BATLTRIGGRTitanium Nitride HammerTitanium Nitride HammerInstalled BATLTRIGGR
Price: $169.00
We have worked very hard on this one-of-a-kind trigger kit, engineered in conjunction with a very-highly-respected firearms machine shop, and we're glad to finally have these kits available for purchase! These triggers represent the near-perfect trigger for combative marksmanship in the AR-15 platform. The trigger has a stout and consistent average pull of 7.5lbs, ZERO creep, and about a 1/4" to hammer reset. With these specifications combined with Titanium-Nitride coated parts, Anti-Walk/Anti-Roll pins, and a beautiful corrosion-resistant finish, you have one of the best trigger upgrades on the market for combat/training use. BANG lasering is optional!

  • Single Stage, Fully Adjustable
  • CNC Machined From Billet 8620 Steel & Case Hardened to 60RC
  • Widened Leading Edge and Trigger Pad
  • Titanium Nitride Coated Hammer & Disconnector
  • AT Custom Xtra-Power Hammer Spring
  • Kit Includes Anti-Walk / Anti-Roll Pins
  • Kit Yields a Consistant Average Pull of 7.5LBS
  • Finished in Black, Hard Chrome or Titanium Nitride

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Battle Triggers?

I really am on pins and needles waiting for these to become available... I want a black one, maybe even a chrome one for good measure! Can I pre-order so that I can get one as soon as they are available? It's a huge let-down to see the big green "IN STOCK" banner until I go to select color and "OUT OF STOCK" pops up for every option.

Hard Chrome Trigger

When do you expect these to be back in stock?


What is the status of your triggers, will they be available soon?