Our Official Position On The Attacks On Our Freedoms

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FEBRUARY 25, 2013

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Allstar Tactical strongly believes in our liberties and Constitutional rights as United States Citizens. Specifically, we fully support the second amendment to the United States Constitution, our right to Keep and Bear Arms. We vehemently oppose any attempt to illegally disarm law-abiding American citizens. Due to the infringement of our second amendment rights through pending and passed illegal legislation regarding our right to Keep and Bear Arms, Allstar Tactical has been forced to review it’s policies and procedures for providing any products to state and local government agencies.

Our headquarters is based in the state of New York less than 1000 feet from the West Webster Fire Department. On December 24th, 2012, we were deeply saddened, as was the rest of our community, to hear of the tragic events that took place right in our own backyard. Despite the fact that the mentally-unstable criminal who committed the criminal act was a known felon, Governor Andrew Cuomo used the deaths of our brave first responders to push through his gun control agenda, without proper discussion, effectively stripping inalienable rights from the citizens of New York State. This was especially painful for us, since many of our our brothers in the West Webster Fire Department, including those who lost their lives that day, were friends and supporters of our company, as well as loyal customers, and our cause.

The heinous NY SAFE act effectively prevents us from selling complete rifles to New York Sate citizens. This is appalling as I personally grew up in a suburb of Rochester, attended undergraduate and graduate school in Troy, NY, and chose to locate my family and businesses in a suburb of Rochester. We are tax-paying citizens and deserve the right to free-enterprise and the right to protect ourselves. Our own elected state officials have passed this illegal law which infringes on our inherent and historic rights, and is causing the state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce unconstitutional legislation. That said, we absolutely applaud and support the Sheriffs and law enforcement agencies who have stepped up and are fighting with us against the legislation.

There is a strong need for all of us to stand together in unwavering support of the 2nd Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms. As such, we are joining the rest of the firearms community in doing what we can to conscientiously object to the laws and legislation being passed. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Historically, the disarmament of the populous is the first step toward the establishment of a tyrannical government. The passage of this legislation absolutely violates the Constitution of the United States, and ignores many of the Supreme Court rulings.

Due to the current legislation in New York and any states that pass similar legislation, effective March 1st 2013, Allstar Tactical will apply all current state and local legislation applicable to civilians, to all government agencies, including but not limited to, local and state law enforcement, first responders, sheriff departments, and federal agencies. In addition, we are suspending all LE/MIL discounts on our products in those states in which our second amendment rights are being infringed upon. Discounts for personal use by LE/MIL will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Lastly, we will absolutely continue to sell our stripped lower receivers in those markets where so-called “assault rifles” are now banned. Allstar Tactical prides itself on innovation and we are working feverishly to come up with new products that will allow you to enjoy the shooting sports in a banned state and comply with these unconstitutional laws until they are changed. We cannot in good conscience remain quiet while our elected officials attempt to strip our rights away. This will remain in effect until all such legislation is repealed.

Furthermore, under these conditions, as a NY-based firearms manufacturer, tax-payer, employer, and resident, we are also looking into the possibility of relocating our headquarters and manufacturing facilities to a more second-amendment-friendly state in the Union. This decision will not come easy for us, but, in the meantime, we will fight with our brothers and sisters in New York for as long as we can. To this end, we will be opening a new manufacturing facility to increase our production capacity, and provide additional jobs for NY residents.

United We Stand; Divided We Fall.


Michael Centola, President / CEO, Allstar Tactical LLC

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