Customer Appreciation Discount

We understand the frustration of many of our customers who have waited for our Delta series lowers as well as our Bravo series billet lowers and uppers.

Defensive Rifle Hand Positions on PDN

On a recent business trip, our fearless leader, Mike, met up with Rob Pincus from the Personal Defense Network. He had a chance to do some filming down in St. Augustine, FL.

Why USPS has been removed

We have decided to remove USPS (United States Postal Service) as an option from the website until we can lock it into certain items only.

Lower Parts Kits Available Next Week!

We just added 100 in stock for Lower Parts Kits on the website. These will be available for shipping late next week.

Products Status Update

Allstar Tactical Forged Lowers

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Status Update on Preordered Products

CNC Screen

Our Official Position On The Attacks On Our Freedoms

USPS Shipping Now Available

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Schwag Fridays!

Schwag Fridays Meme

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