Quality Issues

There have been some concerns with the quality of our products, specifically our lower receivers, and we never officially addressed it. Due to a recent claim on social media that our BRAVO series billet lower receivers were out of spec, we have decided to make this official press release regarding the issue. We have taken the necessary steps with our legal counsel with regard to the slanderous and libelous claim of this individual and his company.  These practices are unethical and have no place in the firearms industry. 

Our BRAVO series billet lower receivers are not made in-house on our CNC machine. The are currently made for us at an outside machineshop. We had a MAJOR issue with supply through all of last year because of the craze in the firearms industry due to the various shootings that had occurred. It was at that point we decided to purchase our own CNC vertical mill. Unfortunately, we underestimated the amount of time necessary to design, set-up and run our own pieces on the machine, which is why we are currently still so far behind on some orders. We have been receiving a small supply of billet products from the old manufacturer and filling the oldest orders as fast as possible.

With regards to the claims that our BRAVO series lowers are out of spec, we assure you that we have not had even one complaint about the quality of these products. We have shipped over 100 of these out to customers with nothing but positive responses to the fit and finish of the lower receivers. Both of our fully automatic AT10 rifles are made using BRAVO series lowers and uppers. Those rifles have had thousands of rounds of full-auto fire through them with out a single issue.

We stand behind our products 100% and offer a limited lifetime warranty on everything we sell. We have tried to reach out to the customer who purportedly has the lower receiver that will not accept a receiver extension tube and have offered to swap it out with a replacement one. In addition, we are constantly striving for 100% satisfaction with our products and do our best to address any customer issues in a timely manner.

We also wanted to address our DELTA series forged lower receivers.

We actually had an issue with these and there were many claims to this out on the internet describing some of the issues that people were having. We also do not make our forged products in-house and outsourced the forged lowers to a separate company to machine them for us. With that, we mistakingly assumed that they would go through Q/A on their end. We received them and started to ship them as fast as possible due to how many orders we had waiting for them. There was never an issue in the past with the first 250 we had made.

The main issues with these lowers were the fact that the fire control group well was slightly undersized. This allowed only Mil-Spec standard trigger groups to work. Some wouldn't work at all, but the majority of them would still accept a Mil-Spec trigger group. They would not, however, accept any form of aftermarket trigger, two-stage, etc, which is completely unacceptable. The only other issue we found was that the markings were inconsistent in their depth, and some had cosmetic blemishes as well. We are currently offering these blemished lower receivers on our website at a large discount.

Unfortunately, some out-of-spec ones slipped through the cracks and were shipped out to customers. Very few of the customers contact us direct, but instead turned to voice their opinions on the Internet. It took us until sometime late 2013 to achieve a resolution with the shop that produced these for us. Unfortunately much of the damage to our reputation as a quality manufacturer was already done. For that, we are deeply sorry.

Again, as said above, we stand behind our products 100% and are offering anyone who has received a DELTA series forged lower that was out of spec, to contact us and we'll swap it out for a new one that is verified in-spec, as we would with any of our products. We want our customers to be happy with the products they have purchased from us and are trying to do whatever it takes to ensure they have a quality Allstar Tactical product.

We will be working towards producing our BRAVO series lowers and uppers on our own CNC machine and will hopefully have products to debut very shortly! Again, please don't hesistate to contact us directly if you ever have any issues with our products. We will do our absolute best to ensure your satisfaction.