Backordered Products Update

Allstar White AT15

We would like to start out by offering our sincere apologies for any kind of extreme delays over the last two years with our products. It has been a struggle between managing working captial, to getting our CNC mill up and running, to sourcing in-spec products. We wanted to let you all know how much we really appreciate your patience with us and have a special offer for you. If you would like to swap out products on your order towards something else that we may have in stock, we will offer you an additional 10% in store credit with your order towards the other products. That's a FREE 10%. We are upset at the lack of customer service that you all have received and are prepared to make it up to you however we feasibly can. I hope that this can start us back off on the right foot and we'd be happy to toss in some extra Allstar apparel to anyone taking advantage of this offer.

We will be working to fulfill all of the outstanding backorders and customer issues by year end. We would like to start off 2015 with a bang (no pun intended) and would love the support of our customers, friends and family!

Once again, we are sincerely sorry for all the events and delays that have transpired and we hope that you will continue to work with us in the future. We have many great new products coming out that are truly innovative and just plain work amazing. We encourage everyone to give them a try, check out our videos and more.


The Allstar Tactical Team