Snake Oil Prime Firearms Lubricant

Snake Oil Prime
Snake Oil PrimeSnake Oil PrimeSnake Oil Prime
Price: $5.00

A Guaranteed cure-all for you firearm’s ailments. Just a few drops of Genuine Snake-Oil-Prime and your bangstick will run like new. Our proprietary incredibly decent lubricant is infused with highly concentrated molybdenum disulfide for enhanced wear protection and lubricity.

Priced starting at 2.00!



I've been using Snake Oil Prime for around 9 months in all of my firearms systems with great luck. The price was very reasonable and it seemed like it had a good reputation in the field so I bought a bottle. In the past, I had used everything from Breakfree CLP to Eezox. I've even went the Mobil 1 route. I've personally found that beaverlube works perfectly in all of my semi-auto platforms, as well as bolt action rifles. Last weekend, in testing a new (5.56) bolt carrier group, my team and I shot 500+ rounds in very chilly (20* F) climate, and we found absolutely no breakdown of the beaverlube. It was quite impressive, as we've seen other lubricant choice that seem to vanish or burn up in this harsh environment. I also found that due to the small amount needed per application, this product was a VERY good value. Thanks, Allstar!