AT "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower Receivers

Allstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower Receiver
Allstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower ReceiverAllstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower ReceiverAllstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower ReceiverAllstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower ReceiverAllstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" Forged Lower Receiver
Price: $125.00

Allstar Tactical "DELTA SERIES" forged lower receivers are precision CNC machined from Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum forgings sourced from the lead forge in the U.S. Our lower receivers are fully machined, leaving no flash marks from the forging. It took us quite some time to settle on a machineshop to produce our forged lower receivers. These lower receivers are then finished in Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodizing.


  • Precision CNC Machined from Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Forgings
  • Type III Hardcoat Anodizing
  • Multi Caliber Markings
  • Bullet Pictograms for Fire/Safe

If you choose color fill, please put what colors you're looking for in the comments of your order.



Lower Receiver

This order is for the Sup AR Bowl Build Party. Thanks!

My order

My order was supposed to be ship April but I still have yet to receive any info on this order was 544 please give me any info on my order..I am getting worried about it. Thanks

Shipping dates???

I placed orders #601 and 861. Just wondering when these will be shipping.......


I am 634 and wondering the

I am 634 and wondering the same thing. I have been told a couple different dates and still have not seen anything.

Shipping Date

Preordered on the 14th. I believe this was for a February delivery.

Do you guys have an exact date when they will be shipping?

I03 in Stock - Preorder for April/May

I may be asking a bumb question, but please forgive me since I'm new at ordering lowers. If I'm reading your homepage correctly, you have 103 Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Alluminum blocks(?) yet to be forged/milled? They will be milled for shipping in April/May 13?

I have to complet uppers and the stocks but obviously need the lowers to have a weapon. I can get a lower from a local FFL but he wants $300 for one (1) complete lower. If I exercise a little patience and wait you your lowers I can get two (2) from you for less. I have the lower parts kits as well. I just need some assurance from you that if I order two (2) of your lowers I'm going to receive them. Thanks for your insights on this.

Please disregard the same question I sent earlier today by using your "contact" option on your Homepage. I had not registered until now. Again, thanks for your help!
Thanks for your patience.
r, Artybuck

Hey guy, ive ordered my lower

Hey guy, ive ordered my lower 5 weeks ago and still havnt received it.. Mabey that will help with ur question..

These are preorder. Depending

These are preorder. Depending on when you ordered it will determine what batch it is being machined in. Thanks!

Ship to FFL Dealer

Will you email or call us when you need the address of the FFL dealer to send the receiver?

Will I recieve a confirmation

Will I recieve a confirmation once you have approved the information from my FFL?

Colored in Trademarks

Are you guys doing colored trades on any of these, like in your facebook pictures?

Can I get it marked Pistol?

Is it possible to have it marked Pistol? Thanks

Serial Numbers?

If I order two can I have consecutive serials?

Assault Rifle Ban

What if we pay to reserve our lower and the assault rifle ban law gets passed?

When to send FFL info?

When do you want my FFL info? When I order or when they ship?

Forged lower

Is the "in stock" quantity actually in stock or is that how many you guys are accepting for your next batch? -Thanks

Color Fill

How much do you charge for color fill on the lower?

And how can you put in a request for it?

Dealer Account

i sent AT all my Dealer/Business Doc's please would you set my account up as a dealer

How do I submit my ffl information?

When do I send you my ffl information?

just Curious

Are these lowers still on time for late march early april?

Delta forged

The number you have in stock is the number you are taking on pre order? Or are they actually in stock?


When is the payment due for this lower...will I be charged up front or charged when the lower is shipped?

question on order

i submitted order # 602 for delta lower that showed an expected date of march/april i see now its april or may will the march-april time frame still hold for this order or will they be in april or may? thks carl

Order #601

I have order #601. Hopefully it will be soon!


Your card will be charged

Your card will be charged immediately to reserve your lower receiver. Thanks!

pre order DELTA

Where can I pre order?