Corkscrew Flash Hider

Allstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash Hider
Allstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash HiderAllstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash HiderAllstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash HiderAllstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash Hider
Price: $65.00

Our second in-house designed muzzle device comes in the form of this crazy "CorkScrew" Flash Hider. These flash hiders feature 5 curved prongs to aid in speeding up the release of gas, preventing after-combustion, which causes flash. The ends of the prongs have also been chamfered into extremely sharp penetration devices which can be used as a impact device. The design is very effective in reducing the flash signature of the rifle. An additional feature of the curved designs is the ability for the muzzle device to self-tighten, reducing the need for higher torque tightening.

Version 2 of our CorkScrew flash hider now has added slotting/cuts inside of the bore to aid in flash suppression. Additionally, we now offer a NSS version (Not So Stabby), for those who feel they would cut up their cases, clothes, or pop their inflatable boats.

Our CorkScrew flash suppressors are precision machined from 4140 high-carbon-steel, heat-treated to 55RC, and then finished using Ferritic Nitrocarburizing. Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, also know as QPQ Nitride coating, raises the final hardness to 60+RC and gives it a nice satin black finish. They are threaded to the standard AR15 / M4 / M16 5.56 threads of 1/2-28 UNEF for easy installation.

When installing this muzzle brake, we include a crush washer for ease of install, but it is optional due to the auto-tightening nature of the flash suppressor. There is also no need to align or clock this flash hider.



I am looking at getting a NSS Corkscrew Flash hider. The option to choose the normal or the NSS doesn't seem to be showing up anymore. Are they still available?

Corkscrew Flash Hider

When will more Corkscrews become available???

Flash hider

Is this flash hider long enough to make a 14.5" barrel a 16" barrel?

Yes sir it is!!

Yes sir it is!!