Pre-Order Sales for the Next Batch of Lower Receivers

Allstar Tactical BRAVO SERIES Billet Lower Receiver

This post is to signify that we'll be accepting purchases made on the site as pre-orders for our next batch of BRAVO-SERIES and DELTA-SERIES lower receivers. Our BRAVO lowers, aka our billet AR15 lower receivers, are scheduled to arrive sometime in mid-February along with more matching uppers, both slick-side and forward assist. Our DELTA lowers, aka our forged AR15 lower receivers, are expected to arrive sometime in late March, early April.

Please use our website to make your preorder purchases, and NOTE, unlike our standard orders where your credit card is not charged until shipping, YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED IMMEDIATELY TO RESERVE YOUR LOWER RECEIVER.

We are also expecting to receive a large amount of PREBAN AR15 30rd Orlite magazines this week. These are available for $20 each, and can be reserved and purchased by stopping at our retail location, emailing us or calling the shop. This is the only way to purchase these.

Once again, we thank you for your patience throughout this very busy time. We absolutely do not believe in price-gouging and our prices always reflect our raw materials purchase prices and based on our costs directly.

You may purchase our BRAVO series lower receivers here : AT "BRAVO SERIES" AR15 Billet Lower Receivers.

You may purchase our BRAVO series upper receivers here: AT "BRAVO SERIES" AR15 Billet Upper Receivers.

You may purchase our DELTA series lower receivers here: AT "DELTA SERIES" AR15 Forged Lower Receivers.

Retail Dealer inquiries, please click here.


Once again, YOUR CREDIT CARD **WILL** BE CHARGED IMMEDIATELY TO RESERVE YOUR LOWER RECEIVER PURCHASE. No refunds will be issued unless the political climate deems us unable to deliver the product. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.