Status Update on Preordered Products

CNC Screen

Good Evening!!! I wanted to give you all an update on our products that you all have preordered! I'm sure you guys and gals have been waiting (very patiently) for an update. My apologies for not posting one up sooner, but as you can imagine we have been crazy busy ourselves! Below is an update on each of the preordered products and an idea of when they should be expected!


Billet "BRAVO" Lowers and Uppers

Some of you have heard the unfortunate news when calling or emailing us on the status of these lowers. It sucks big time because these are one of our favorite products to work with and offer to our customers. We ordered nearly 180 lowers and uppers from the machineshop and expected them very quickly because the turnaround was quite short. After we ordered, we were notified that they were currently over 8 months behind. That news alone inspired us to purchase our very first CNC Mill (We'll certainly be blogging about that once it arrives), scheduled to be delivered around the 2nd week of April. On the positive side, we have received word from the machineshop that they're going to try to send us some lowers to fill orders while we bring our CNC up to speed! We are extremely sorry about the delay on this product as we anticipated it to be here before any of the others! If you guys have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!!!


Forged "DELTA" Lower Receivers

I know most of this information was posted up at the start of the preorder, but I will reiterate as much of it here as I can. We order our forged lowers in batches of 500. Back in January is when we started placing our orders. Our first batch of 500 lowers was scheduled to be machined in the last week of March (Next Week!), and those are on schedule with no delays as far as we know. Then I would figure a week or two max for anodizing and delivery times. Our second batch is scheduled for May, and our Third Batch is scheduled for June. With the way our Delta preorders are going and our new Dealers are signing up, we will probably continue our forged orders through the rest of the summer! Once again, thank you for being patient, and we're trying to figure out an exact cut-off date for the deliveries, but we're still working on it as of now.


New Allstar Tactical T-Shirt Designs

Our Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew t-shirts have arrived and are shipping out to customers who ordered them and we're filling all new orders as well! The screen printer has been good about delivering us the shirts a few hundred at a time, and we expect the rest of the designs to be in stock within the next two week or so. We take full blame for the delay on this as we hesitated on ordering them to add the extra designs and order in one big batch (Over 1500 shirts!!). We're sorry for the delay and if you have any questions, just give us a shout!


Our phones have been ringing off the hook as of late and we're having trouble keeping up with them while trying to fill orders, build rifles, manage construction at the new shop, communicate on social networks, and answer customer emails, so please bear with us as we may miss phone calls. Send us an email to and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!



So does that mean my Guns, Shoes and Tattoos Girls T-Shirt shipped or still waiting?