Customer Appreciation Discount

We understand the frustration of many of our customers who have waited for our Delta series lowers as well as our Bravo series billet lowers and uppers. Much of that has been out of our control and in the hands of the machineshop we were using to make those parts for us. However, we are trying to bring the production in-house to prevent any delays in the future. It also gives us much more control over the final product!

Because of these extreme delays, we wanted to offer something special to the customers who have been understanding and stuck with us and did not cancel their order throughout all of these time delays. We will be offering 50% off a matched billet set that will come off our new CNC mill. You heard that right, get 50% off one billet matched set if you were a customer of ours throughout the first half of this year!**

We very much appreciate ALL of our customers and would like to extend our sincere apologies for the lack of communication, and delays on orders.

** This offer is extended to customers who placed an order with us between November 2012 and September 2013, and who have no canceled their order. **


How do we buy?

Never can have to many, when and how do we buy the matching set at that price? what is the price?



50% Off Offer

I'd be insane not to take you up on the your generous offer of 50% off of a matched billet set.
Just tell me how I'd go about requesting/paying for this.
Honestly, I was just happy to support you guys. And I'm happy you're doing so well.
I wish I wasn't working during your open house.
Well, let me know how/when you need payment.
Again, I'm very grateful for this offer.
Take care,
-Brandon Knight