Price: $199.00

This is an Allstar Tactical M16 Complete Bolt Carrier Group with Nickel Boron (NiB) Coating. This drop-in replacement for your AR15 will increase reliability, and ease cleaning / maintenance. These are completely Mil-Spec components, with the only exception being the NiB Coating. Nickel Boron has all of the positive attributes of Hard Chrome, with none of the negative ones; it improves wear resistance, and reduces friction without flaking. These BCG's are made proudly in the USA and are laser engraved with the Allstar Tactical logo.


  • Case-Hardened 8620 Steel Carrier, Nickel Boron Coated
  • Case-Hardened 9310 Steel Bolt Assembly, Nickel Boron Coated
  • Properly Staked 4130 Steel Gas Key, Nickel Boron Coated
  • Hard Chrome 8740 Steel Firing Pin
  • Hardened 4340 Cam Pin, Nickel Boron Coated
  • 4340 Steel Extractor w/ Mil-Spec Extractor spring and O-Ring
  • Assembled Complete

Advantages of Nickel Boron Coating

  • Unique combination of wear resistance and low coefficient of friction
  • Superior to Hard Chrome
  • Reduces coefficient of friction
  • Exceeds Rockwell 70c in hardness



I am starting an AR pistol build and with the help of Google have found your Nib BCG. It looks awesome, I'd like to use one on my new build. Can you give me a date that I might expect them to be available? Can I get on a email list? I'd also like to get one of your triggers when they are ready. Thanks, Greg