All New Allstar Tactical T-Shirts

We spent the last week hard at work designing a bunch of new T-Shirts for Allstar Tactical schwag! Some great ones like Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Black, Guns Shoes and Tattoos Girls Shirt, I Heart AR15s, Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew, and our Skull Don't F*CK with Us Shirt. Head on over to our Allstar Tactical Schwag Shirts Section and check them out!!! We hope you like these design and you can start preorder them right away! They should be shipping within 2-3 weeks! Also keep an eye out for #SCHWAGFRIDAYS where every Friday we pick one of our pieces of Schwag to be half-price!

Some pics:

Dont Hate Me Cause Im Black

Guns Shoes and Tattoos Girls Shirt


Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew

Skull Don't F*CK With Us