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New Product Announcement - DELTA Muzzle Brake

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Dead Ringer Red Dot Sights Now Available!

Dead Ringer Monteria Red Dot

More New Stickers!!

We just added 3 new stickers to our Allstar Tactical Schwag section her on our website!

All New Stickers!!!

We've added 8 new stickers to the site!

New Glassware Section!!

With the addition of a couple new pieces of glassware to our schwag section, we decided that we would create it's own section for Glassware and drinkware.

All New Allstar Tactical T-Shirts

We spent the last week hard at work designing a bunch of new T-Shirts for Allstar Tactical schwag!

Allstar Tactical Limited Edition DRFT Billet Lower Receivers

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DELTA Series Forged Lowers Pre-Order!


Many MANY people have been waiting for us to get our forged lowers and finally after several months of waiting and waiting, we finally have so

Allstar Tactical Billet Lowers

This has been long awaited by us and many of our loyal customers, friends, and family. We are VERY proud to announce the first batch of Allstar Tactical Billet Lower Receivers!

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