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Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2020/01/30 - 1216hrs

AT Logo Pullover Hoodie

With the launch of our new logo, we are launching a new logo hoodie! Support your favorite team at Allstar Tactical with one of our comfy hoodies! Made from 7.8oz, 50/50 soft spun cotton / poly fleece. Has a tear-away label, black jersey hood lining and black drawcords. Grab yours today here ---> AT Logo Pullover Hoodie 

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2015/11/15 - 1228hrs

We are please announce availability of our brand new compensator, the HEXCON0!


The HEXCON0, part of our HEXCON family of compesators, is the little brother to our HEXCON1, incorporating just a single port. The HEXCON0 is a perfect addition to a 16" barrel when you do not want to add too much length to the end of the barrel. It is just 1.75" long and weighs a mere 3 ounces so it is perfect for your lightweight build. While the compensation is not as profound as the HEXCON1, it still does a great job of reducing recoil and muzzle rise.

The HEXCON0 is precision CNC machined from ultra-high-grade 416 stainless steel, which is the same material used in many of the high-precision barrels. It is then heat-treated to a minimum 40RC and finished in our shop to a matte sandblasted stainless look. Additionally we offer it with a standard Mil-Spec black oxide finish for those that prefer a black look or even a polished stainless.

HEXCON0 Progress

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2015/10/31 - 1333hrs

Allstar Tactical MFHB


We are happy to announce the availability of our MFHB system, a heavy buffer unlike any other one on the market. Reduce your recoil and make your rifle run smooth as butter, because we all  know smooth is fast. Likely the most overlooked upgrade on the AR15 platform, the recoil buffer plays a huge role in tuning the feel of the rifle. By adding weight to the buffer, more recoil is absorbed, which directly translates into your ability to keep the muzzle on target. 

Combine one of these with one of our amazing HEXCON1 compensators and you have your self one awesome, recoil-reducing package.


The MFHB is a precision CNC machined buffer replacement for your AR15/AR10 rifle. Available in “factory weights” of 4.5oz and 5.5oz this buffer will reduce the recoil and soften the shooting impulse of your rifle.

We have also made some improvements on the overall design of the mil-spec carbine buffer, obvious in the picture.

Through our custom shop program we can also tune this buffer to the exact weight of your needs. No other manufacturer does that.

These buffers have been in performance testing for nearly 4 years now and we’re finally ready for release.

Starting at just $38. 

MFHB Weight


These are in stock right now and available to ship immediately! 

Read an article about the MFHB written by Chris Tran over on Guns & Tactics

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2015/02/03 - 1022hrs

Limited Edition Do You Even Pew Pew Pew Bro Shirt


We have had a limited amount of these Do You Even Pew Pew Pew Bro Shirts made as a special in white instead of the normal black shirts. We will not run these again! Grab one at a discount THIS WEEK ONLY for just $15! Remember when you post up pics of you in this shirt to hashtag #pewpewpew! Made from 4.5oz, 100% Cotton Preshrunk Jersey Knit, this is a very soft, high quality shirt. It is a euro-style fit, so please take that in account when ordering! 

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2014/10/21 - 1135hrs

SAFEMOD Mag Button

Introducing our in-house designed SAFEMOD™ mag button. This mag button will modify your AR15 to no longer accept a detachable magazine and permanently affix an AR15 magazine in place. It works by preventing the button from being depressed once the magazine is inserted into the rifle. The SAFEMOD™ is made from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy and Type II anodized in matte black.

Included with the SAFEMOD™ is a packet of epoxy to make the modification permanent. These are available for the reasonable price of $18, and for a limited time, you can add a second one for just $12 (2 for $30).

Installation is a snap. Just remove your old magazine release button and replace it with ours. Use the two included 18-8 stainless steel set screws and bottom them out into the button. Finally use the included epoxy to backfill in the holes. You now have an AR15 variant rifle that is no longer capable of accepting a detachable magazine.

SAFEMOD Mag Button

According to the NY SAFE ACT from the NYS Governor's website on the SAFE ACT, "Rifles requiring registration are: Semiautomatic rifles capable of receiving a detachable magazines." According to this definition of the law, but removing the capability of the rifle to receive "a detachable magazines" you no longer have to register the rifle and the banned features do not apply.

Remember, this is our interpretation of the law and we cannot be held responsible for a law enforcement official's misinterpretation of the law or the legality of this product. We are working diligently to get word from the NYS Troopers that will assure us that this modification does in fact make your rifle legal.

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2014/09/18 - 1726hrs


Allstar Ninety Nine

We have decided to something very special for our customers that are into our products and the way we do things. Introducing the "Allstar Ninety Nine." This is a very special opportunity for you to get involved in some special limited edition products that we will be releasing as well as take advantage of a special opportunity to grab an awesome deal.

First this product is for a $100 gift certificate towards one of our products! These will be available for use starting December 1st, so that we can catch up and get ready for you guys. We will be handling orders using these certificates manually, so once you purchase one of these, contact us when you're ready to figure out what you want!

Second, $5 of each one of these will be going to Wishes For Warriors, a charity run by our good friend Bryan, whom we interact with on a regular basis via social media. We wanted to do something to support their cause and we figured that this was the best way to do so!

Most importantly the purchase of this product comes with a very special limited edition embroidered patch with the design you can see here. Additionally you'll be added to a super special list where we'll notify you of limited edition products that you can reserve a spot for that will not be offered to anyone else outside of this group.


Grab your Allstar Ninety Nine gift certificate Now before we run out! These will go fast!

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2014/09/08 - 1106hrs

HEXCON1 Compensator

We are proud to announce our brand new HEXCON1 Compensator!

As one of our flagship compensators, the HEXCON1 is a great option for competition, varmint hunting, and more. The HEXCON1 incorporates a unique design with staggered expansion chambers to aid in dissipation of the muzzle gasses. Additionally, it incorporates 3 top ports to virtually eliminate muzzle rise, helping you stay on target for that fast follow-up shot. The bottom of the HEXCON1 is solid to prevent any dust signature when shooting close to the ground or cover. This compensator was designed with the USPSA, 3-Gun, and competition shooters in mind, where seconds count. Currently available in .223/5.56 caliber.


HEXCON1 Compensator

The HEXCON1 is precision CNC machined from ultra-high-grade 416 stainless steel, which is the same material used in many of the high-precision barrels. It is then heat-treated to a minimum 35RC and finished in our shop to a matte sandblasted stainless look. Additionally we offer it with a standard Mil-Spec black oxide finish for those that prefer a black look or even a polished stainless.

Estimated arrival is early October! Order now to get a special gift when they come in!


HEXCON1 Compensator




Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2014/07/24 - 2250hrs

Snake Oil Prime

We are proud to announce the branding change of BeaverLube to Snake Oil Prime!! Its the same great formula you have come to love and we will continue to improve and tweak the product to get the utmost performance. We have the opportunity for product placement with several large players in the industry and they have requested we strengthen the brand. We have teamed up with some great trainers and companies like Samson, ICE Training, MDTS, Solo Defense and more, in the industry to have this available in samples and for sale.

For us, Snake Oil Prime is a culmination of several years of development and testing under extreme conditions. It is a lube, not CLP. It is designed to keep your firearm running in some of the harshest environments. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It is the ONLY lube we use for all of our firearms. To celebrate this release we are offering Buy 1 Get 1 on 1oz and 2oz bottles through the weekend!! Available on our website for sale immediately!!

For any questions or for LE/MIL samples, please contact us.

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2014/01/27 - 1441hrs

You asked for them. Here the are!!! Get your order in ASAP to reserve a low serial number!! Head over to **Limited** Allstar Tactical Zippo Lighter (Liberty Design). The price is $25 and we've also set up the website to accept USPS for smaller dollar items!

Allstar Tactical Limited Edition Zippo

Grab one of these ultra-limited genuine Zippo Lighter with our logo on one side and our very popular AR15 Lady Liberty design. Matte Black zippo shows the polished brass underneath for a beautiful black and gold appearance. Serial numbered and design limited. Comes with an official signed Certificate of Authenticity.


For a Limited Time only, we'll be randomly picking 1 out of every 25 sold to receive a free T-Shirt, and one out of every 100 sold to win a FREE Allstar Tactical Delta Lower Receiver. Get your order in now and secure a low serial number!!!

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2014/01/10 - 2311hrs

AT Corkscrew


We are SUPER excited to announce a brand new flash hider! This is our Allstar Tactical Corkscrew Flash Hider. This crazy-looking, super-stabby flash hider is self-tightening, and provides a great option for impact striking while doing a great job at hiding flash. These are machined out of solid 4140 steel bar stock and then hardened to 40+RC. We then have them QPQ Nitride coated, raising the overall hardness to 60+RC. These muzzle brakes are currently out at nitride coating and we should have them back to us at the SHOT SHOW next week.

Can't wait to get these out to our colleagues and reviewers!!!

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