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Posted in Specials by allstartactical on 2015/11/27 - 1148hrs

Black Friday 2015 Sale

Only the best for you guys and gals! Our Black Friday sale is LIVE at midnight, November 27th and will run until Saturday, November 28th. With us, Black Friday is as easy as 1, 2, 3, or 10, 20, 30 in this case! Check out the specials we are running and we know you'll love any product you choose! No coupon code necessary for this sale. Get what you need and remember you can get FREE SHIPPING if you spend $100! Enjoy! Go Shop Now!

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I'm sure by now you have all read about the 2nd Circuit Decision in NYSRPA v. CUOMO. It's unfortunate, but it's not over. Furthermore, after reading Gov. Cuomo's smug response to the decision, we have decided to offer a special 15% off sale on our SAFEMOD product through this weekend. Use coupon code THXCUOMO to get 15% off SAFEMODs and also get a FREE sticker as well as a FREE Allstar Tactical "Do You Even Pew Pew Pew Bro" sticker. Grab your SAFEMOD here.

The Allstar Tactical SAFEMOD is a mag button will modify your AR15 to no longer accept a detachable magazine and permanently affix an AR15 magazine in place. It works by preventing the button from being depressed once the magazine is inserted into the rifle. The SAFEMOD™ is made from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy and Type II anodized in matte black.

According to the NY SAFE ACT from the NYS Governor's website on the SAFE ACT, "Rifles requiring registration are: Semiautomatic rifles capable of receiving a detachable magazines." According to this definition of the law, but removing the capability of the rifle to receive "a detachable magazines" you no longer have to register the rifle and the banned features do not apply.

Remember, this is our interpretation of the law and we cannot be held responsible for a law enforcement official's misinterpretation of the law or the legality of this product. We are working diligently to get word from the NYS Troopers that will assure us that this modification does in fact make your rifle legal.

Posted in Specials by allstartactical on 2014/07/02 - 1012hrs

Allstar Tactical 4th of July Sale


It's finally here! Please don't kill our webserver!! :) Get 50% off our Delta Muzzle Brakes. Get our Blemished DELTA Lower Receivers for just $65. Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Also spend $150 and get a FREE super swag pack. You know that we make those swag packs awesome. We wanted to offer an awesome sale for you guys for this 4th of July! We're making room for some of our great new products that we're coming out with this year so stay tuned!!

Posted in Specials by allstartactical on 2013/11/29 - 1056hrs

Allstar Tactical Cyber Sale 2013

Our CYBER SALE is finally here!!! Get 15% off storewide, using coupon code BFNGAGE13! We've restocked many products that we've been holding onto just for this sale!!! Forged Uppers, BCG's and more!!! Get on it now!! :)

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