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Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/09/28 - 1737hrs

Allstar Tactical DELTA Muzzle Brake


We are pleased to announce a brand new product: Our DELTA Muzzle Brake. This muzzle brake was designed and prototyped in-house and made locally for us by a local turning shop. It is made out of 4140 steel, hardened, and finished in QPQ Nitride (aka Melonite). With five sets of three ports, set at 72 degrees from each other, we are able to achieve great gas modulation and release, thereby reducing recoil and muzzle rise. Additionally, we worked with some local martial arts and impact fighting experts to make sure we designed the brake to be able to used as an impact device if needed.

These muzzle brakes are in production now and will be available for sale within 4-6 weeks. Retail MSRP is going to be extremely reasonable at $59 including a Mil-Spec crush washer. These will be available on our website as well as at our dealers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our new brakes.

Below is an unbiased review by one of our local FNG's who took one of our prototype brakes out to the range...

Allstar Tactical Muzzle Brake

Mat'l: 4140 Annealed
OAL: 2"
Cal. .223REM (5.56 NATO)

The "Stabby MK-1"
Today I went to the range to test out Allstar Tactical's new muzzle brake. To get a good idea of how efficient of a brake it is, I first installed a birdcage brake commonly found on AR-15 barrels. After firing a few rounds, I switched over to the Stabby MK-1 and noticed a definite difference in performance. 

The first thing I noticed was the lack of recoil. It felt almost as soft as a .22lr being fired. The only push I felt was from the recoil spring sending the bolt back forward to the barrel. 

The recoil did send the muzzle up and to the right, but no more than it would from any other non-compensating muzzle device. 
The muzzle flash was something else!  The brake makes a nice flash and sends out heat waves about two feet out the sides of the brake. 

There's a notable but completely tolerable concussion from the backblast coming from the muzzle brake's fifteen ports. 
The teeth on the front of the brake aren't sharp enough to cut your fingers up, but they're sharp enough and definitely strong enough to dig deep into a wooden door to shoot out a dead bolt. Any typical angle for door breaching is easy with the teeth on this brake. It doesn't start to slip until you're as close as 30 degrees from the door. 

Even in its non-heat treated state, it's a very durable and efficient muzzle brake. 
Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/08/30 - 1403hrs

Dead Ringer Monteria Red Dot


Now available on our site for sale is the Dead Ringer Monteria Red Dot Holographic Sights. Starting at just $109, these extremely-reasonably-priced holographic sights have 4 different reticles offered in two different colors (Red/Green), changeable at the flick of a switch. Also available is the sight with an attached red laser for quick target acquisition.

Dead Ringer Monteria Red Dot Reticles

Check them out!

Dead Ringer Monteria Red Dot Holographic Sight

Dead Ringer Monteria Red Dot Holographic Sight w/ Laser

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/05/10 - 0045hrs

We just added 3 new stickers to our Allstar Tactical Schwag section her on our website! Check it out: AT War Sticker, AT Guns Shoes & Tattoos Sticker, and AT Hashtag Sticker! These are available in various sizes and colors for the diecut hashtag sticker! Great to put on your boring range box or ammo can, or spice up your truck with some great stickers! Enjoy!

Allstar Tactical War Sticker

Allstar Tactical Guns Shoes and Tattoos Sticker

Allstar Tactical Hashtag Ssticker

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/02/18 - 2240hrs

We've added 8 new stickers to the site! Because of that we decided to separate all of our stickers out into their own section!!! Check it out and check out the pics of the new stickers below!!


Allstar Tactical Come and Take It Sticker

Allstar Tactical Come and Take Them Sticker

Allstar Tactical Flag Sticker

Allstar Tactical Freedom Isn't Free Sticker

Allstar Tactical I Heart Guns Sticker

Allstar Tactical Liberty Diecut Sticker



Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/02/16 - 1345hrs

With the addition of a couple new pieces of glassware to our schwag section, we decided that we would create it's own section for Glassware and drinkware. Head over to our Glassware Section and check out some of the new products. We added our AT Liberty Beer Mug and our AT Liberty Pilsner Glass to our glassware product line. Keep checking the section or on our blog here for more glassware and schwag we'll be adding! Remember to keep an eye out for #SCHWAGFRIDAYS for discounts on Allstar Tactical schwag!

Here are some pics of our two new glasses:

AT Liberty Beer Mug

AT Liberty Pilsner Glass

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/02/11 - 0142hrs

We spent the last week hard at work designing a bunch of new T-Shirts for Allstar Tactical schwag! Some great ones like Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Black, Guns Shoes and Tattoos Girls Shirt, I Heart AR15s, Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew, and our Skull Don't F*CK with Us Shirt. Head on over to our Allstar Tactical Schwag Shirts Section and check them out!!! We hope you like these design and you can start preorder them right away! They should be shipping within 2-3 weeks! Also keep an eye out for #SCHWAGFRIDAYS where every Friday we pick one of our pieces of Schwag to be half-price!

Some pics:

Dont Hate Me Cause Im Black

Guns Shoes and Tattoos Girls Shirt


Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew

Skull Don't F*CK With Us

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/02/08 - 1429hrs

Schwag Fridays Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew


Check out our brand new shirt!!! Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew!!! We are now taking orders for these and should see them in a couple of weeks! Place your order today to get it for $10! TEN BUCKS! The price will go back up to $20 tonight at midnight!

Check out here: Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew T-Shirt.

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2013/01/07 - 2251hrs

AT BRAVO Lower Receiver DRFT Edition

Allstar Tactical has teamed up with Downrange Firearms Training to offer you a sweet limited edition of our BRAVO series lower receivers. We collaborated on this version of their "Only Hits Count" Logo and have laser engraved it onto the magwell of the lower receiver. Additionally, these come with a sweet badass DRFT/AST "Only Hits Count" sticker, and a coupon for 10% off of any DRFT training class.

These Allstar Tactical AR15 Billet Lower Receivers will be available in late February, early March, and are available NOW for preorder at the price of $250. You can preorder your lower receivers here: AT "BRAVO Series" AR15 Billet Lower Receiver **DRFT EDITION**.

Once again, YOUR CREDIT CARD **WILL** BE CHARGED IMMEDIATELY TO RESERVE YOUR LOWER RECEIVER PURCHASE. No refunds will be issued unless the political climate deems us unable to deliver the product. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Enjoy and be sure to check out DRFT and let them know we sent ya!

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2012/03/02 - 1454hrs


Many MANY people have been waiting for us to get our forged lowers and finally after several months of waiting and waiting, we finally have some good news! They're currently in production at the machineshop and we're looking at delivery around mid march!

These lowers are precision machined from 7075-T6 milspec forgings. The tolerances on our forged lowers are some of the best in the industry and the quality of these lowers at this pricepoint is outstanding!

MSRP on these bad boys are going to be $120, however, take advantage of this preorder to get a couple for your future builds at a much reduced price!!!

BUY 1 FOR $105
BUY 2 FOR $200
BUY 4 FOR $375
BUY 5 FOR $450


AT Delta Series Forged Lowers


If you are interested in a specific serial number or would like to reserve one, please contact us today! We're also handling all of the preorders via the NYFirearms site!

Posted in New Products by allstartactical on 2011/03/18 - 2135hrs

This has been long awaited by us and many of our loyal customers, friends, and family. We are VERY proud to announce the first batch of Allstar Tactical Billet Lower Receivers! These have been manufactured to our specs with special changes unique to Allstar Tactical. This is your chance to get in on some early serial numbers and support a local business as we grow! If we can get enough preorders we might be able to offer even more discounts than we're offering here!


  • CNC Machined from Solid Billet
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Unique Integral Trigger Guard
  • Better than Mil-Spec, Reinforced Portions
  • Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black (Other options coming soon)
  • Upper Receiver Tensioner Screw

Check out some pics!

AT Bravo Series

AT Bravo Series

AT Bravo Series

AT Bravo Series

AT Bravo Series

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